What you’re
doing matters.

Let’s get that important work seen, heard, and talked about so hoards of folks are at the ready, standing with open minds, open hearts and open pocketbooks—just waiting for you to make the pitch.


And we create the copy that converts so
you can do what you do best: run your business.


Out of our 100+ clients,
have taken at least 2 DIY copywriting classes.
They've spent, on average
0 hours
studying copywriting & marketing.
And shelled out at least
before passing it over to the pros. (That's us.)
We've been at this for
0 years
and have the shiny Creative Writing degrees & resumes to prove it.
That's something like
0 hours
learning the ropes (and avoiding rope burns) so you don't have to.
You could buy about
0 glasses
of not-too-shabby wine when you leave the writing to us.

And a few of our happiest campers:

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| Completely Custom

We bring big impact to small ideas, meaning to the otherwise mundane, and your business’ best voice to the front and center of every single sentence we sculpt. Cookie-cutter copy is a carnal sin.

| Delegating At Its Finest

In our professional opinion? It’s best to leave it to the pros. We take the work off your plate, off your mind, and off your cascading to-do list—all with expertise, and a perfectly-timed curtsy. (Curtsy optional.)

| Easy (Peasy) Experience

We’ve streamlined the whole shebang so you can spend more time sipping on a dry martini and less time wading through the administrative muck. We pinky promise a whole heckuva lot of unadulterated fun.

| Mo’ Money, Mo’ Profits

We deliver sanity, confidence & writing that gets quantifiable results—presented on a polished silver platter by a dashing man named Roberto. (Roberto is quite adept at Sir Sean Connery impressions.)

Meet your business’
new best friend.*

*Super secret handshakes included.

I’m Jess Manuszak, the Founder & Shouty Mastermind behind this block party company.

Truth: You can change your income—for the better—just by changing the words on your site.

Truth: I’m the gal to help you get there.

Lie: We’ll need a baby sloth in pajamas to get started.

When I’m not backdoor bragging about my B.A. in creative writing, whispering (with a wink) about my 5+ years of branding // marketing knowhow, or dedicating best-selling books to David Hasselhoff, you can find me sleeping with the lights on after watching too many movies about a young ingenue and a dead phone line. (I also have an award-winning blog, if that’s your jam.)

I approach life & business much in the same way I approach any and every game of Monopoly: with borderline inappropriate amounts of enthusiasm and a wad of fake paper money shoved down the front of my pants.

In other words? I make you look goooooooood.


You have honestly made me more excited than I have ever been over anything in my business. I’m also blown away by the speed at which genius was delivered to my inbox. I’m yours forever.

-Amantha Tsaros-

The beauty of working with you is that I know it’s all crafted for my business & audience. I am headed for my next martini. I don’t even have to work because you do it all perfectly.

-Stacie Jensen-

You made me feel like a VIP from the very start. You put a ton of time and attention into my project, and it showed. You took the time to get to know me.

-Kourtney Thomas-

Never again wonder if what you’ve written is good enough to get the sale. Like, never ever again.