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This is a double dog dare to step out of the shadows.

To be seen. To truly connect with your customers & clients in a way that feels good. And to eat a churro or seven, because who doesn’t love a churro?

Meet the conversion copywriting propelled by personality that’s going to get your important work noticed, remembered, and talked about.

The result? Hoards of folks standing at the ready, with open minds, open hearts, and open pocket books—

just waiting for you
to make the pitch.

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  • Truth:

     See a noteworthy upsurge in income & influence just by changing the words on your site. Clicked links. Opened emails. And more than a handful of robust high-fives. (Hold onto your hats.)

  • Truth:

    When it comes to copywriting, we don’t just set the bar—we leap over itWe factor in everything from UX and wireframes to Amazon customer reviews while we optimize your copy.

  •  Lie:

    We’ll need to thoroughly interview your grizzled plumber, Ol’ Richard, over a few pints of room-temperature pale aleand a bag of salted mixed cashewsto set these wheels in motion.


“Whatever you need to do to hire Verve & Vigour, do it. Thank me later.”


I’m Jessica Manuszak, the founder & shouty mastermind behind this block party company.

I’m the award-winning blogger, best-selling author, and copywriting junkie who’s going to help you wield your influence and affluence while making success look nearly effortless (and your butt look great in those jeans).

When I’m not backdoor bragging about my B.A. degree in creative writing, whispering (with a wink) about my 5+ years of conversion copywriting and marketing knowhow, or dedicating novels to David Hasselhoff, you can find me sleeping with the lights on after marathoning movies about ghosts.

My writing has skyrocketed my business, and it’s going to launch yours, too.

In other words, I make you look goooooooood.


| It’s not enough to:

Cross your fingers, cross your legs (in case you have to pee), and your cross your heart—while hoping to die—waiting for a single sale. Pro tip: Refreshing your browser 76 times in rapid succession does not make you money.


| The game’s changed.

It’s less about what’s included and more about how it all fits—into how your clients live, how your clients love, how your clients dream, and who they think they are. Ultimately, it’s about selling them on themselves.

| Without further ado:

Let’s make the hum-drum drool-worthy. When you book with us, you’re granted the permission to stand out and make your mark. (There’s revelations in your future, and a vault filled with gold coins à la Scrooge McDuck.)

Give them* somethin’ to write home about.

*Them referring to future diehard customers, perusing clientele, and that one stray lookie loo who’s about to become a lifelong convert of the Church of You, you plucky little renegade.


Your business and your customers dictate every single sentence we write so you know it’s all created just for you. Cookie-cutter copy is a carnal sin.

Easy (Peasy)

We’ve spent years streamlining the process so you can spend more time sipping on a dry martini and less time wading through the administrative sludge.

Delegating At
Its Finest

We take the work off your plate, off your mind, and off your cascading to-do list—all with expertise, and a perfectly-timed curtsy. (Curtsy optional.)

Mo’ Money,
Mo’ Profits

We deliver sanity, confidence & writing that gets quantifiable results—presented on a polished silver platter by a dashing man named Roberto.

We've worked with
clients since throwing
our doors in 2015.
Out of those 100 +clients
didn't need edits since it was
right on the very first try.
On average, they saw more than an
increase in profits over
the first 6 months.
Invest that ROI in
0 glasses
of pink wine after you leave all the hot 'n' heavy lifting to us.

“The beauty of working with you is that I know it’s all crafted for my business & audience. I am headed for my next martini. I don’t even have to work because you do it all perfectly.”

-Stacie Jensen-
EO | Paper & Prosper

“You have honestly made me more excited than I have ever been over anything in my business. I’m also blown away by the speed at which genius was delivered to my inbox. I’m yours forever.”

-Amantha Tsaros-
FOUNDER | Amantha Tsaros Art

“You made me feel like a VIP from the very start. You put a ton of time and an incredible amount of attention into my project, and it showed. You took the time to get to know me.”

-Kourtney Thomas-
FOUNDER | Kourtney Thomas Fitness

Never again wonder if what you’ve written is good enough to get the sale. Like, never ever again.

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