Terms & Conditions


Verve & Vigour governs its business on the guiding principle of do no harm, but take no sh*t. Should any questions, concerns or conundrums arise, please let us know at hello@verveandvigour.com. We promise to use puns sparingly in our responding email.


Verve & Vigour provides all jokes, input, and guidance in good faith based on our knowledge, your needs, and the marketing and publication solutions that we’ve accumulated within our specific area of expertise. Obviously, we can’t and won’t accept any liability of any kind (dun, dun, dunnnn) for actions that client businesses take, or refrain from taking, as a result of accepting our advice. (Though for the record, we promise not to encourage you to get a face tattoo of a cobra.)

And as a heads up? If your project is super large or complex, or we need to invest some extra [wo]man hours working with you in order to clarify the project’s scope or timescale, we may need to charge for consulting. That said, we’ll discuss the plan with you 100% beforehand, so you’re not billed out of the blue.

Extra Work

We reserve the right (whilst wearing monocles over our right eyes) to make additional charges—after giving you a heads up first—in certain situations like:

  • Total rewrites after we’ve already done the sound check and confirmed the tonal direction of the project.
  • Resubmissions: The charge for editing your project might go up if you supply a new version that supersedes a version that we’ve already agreed is final. Make sense?
  • Unused/deleted material: Unfortunately, no cost reduction is applicable in the event that you delete, request that we delete, or decide not to use text that we’ve written as previously agreed.

Dates and Timelines

It’s always handy to keep the dates in mind. If you miss a particular deadline, it might not be possible to meet the time commitments initially established. (We’re writers, not wizards.)

Also, while we try our best to be flexible and accommodating because we love you so, it might not necessarily be possible that the entire timeline be ‘moved back’ by a given number of days, since it just depends on the availability and workflow currently on our dinner plates.

We’ll obviously have consistently open lines of communications in case timelines need to shift, you have any questions along the way, or you stumble upon a treasure map that leads to the fountain of youth.


At least 50% of the project cost is due at the time of booking to make sure you’re not actually a criminal mastermind trying to rob us…of our words. (That happens, right?) If you decide to go the payment plan route, you’ll be invoiced on day 30 for your remaining balance. Pay that bad boy, and then promptly go buy yourself a Slurpee, because you deserve it.

That said, if the remainder of your payment isn’t received within 5 days after the invoice is sent via email & courier pigeon, we reserve the right to cancel your project with a nonrefundable deposit. (Whomp, whomp.) If your project has already been completed, we’ll start adding on really annoying & inconvenient late fees that could be better spent on leather jumpsuits. ($25/day for every day after day 5 it’s late.)

The Uniqueness Clause

We hope this goes without saying, but we solemnly swear that any and all content we create for you is 100% unique to you, your business & brand. No overlap with other clients. No recycled writings. Just new, shiny script, specifically for you.


We have the eyes of a hawk (though unfortunately, are not Hawk Eye), and put forth every best effort to proofread and check any work we pass over. However, we can’t guarantee without fail that all work will be completely free of typographical, grammatical or factual errors. (After all, we’re people, not robots.) This just means you agree to proofread any materials submitted to you and indemnify Verve & Vigour against any costs that might pop up from errors in printed or public forms. Obviously, we do our best to make sure our work complies with the law, but it’s ultimately your responsibility to submit all copy for legal review.


If you need a refund for any reason within 30 days of your deposit or before your kick off date, (whichever comes first), we’ll refund in full. No guilt. No badgering. No voodoo dolls. That said, once 30 days has passed, or your project has kicked off or completed, no refunds are available. For refund requests, email Jess at hello@verveandvigour.com.

The Affiliate Program

When you spread the word about us, we want to spread the looooooove. (And also some Nutella, because Nutella.) The fine print? For every person you refer, you’ll get 5% of their total purchase credited to your account. You can apply your balance to any package at any time by contacting us at hello@verveandvigour.com. With your one time use discount code, you can either use it yourself, or jump out of a very large cake and give it to a friend. Obviously, applying your balance to a package drops your credit in a 1:1 ratio. Only one coupon/discount code can be used per order, so we suggest saving up until you have enough to get the prize package you want. (It’s a lot like going to Chuck E. Cheese as a kid, and hanging onto your tickets until you have enough for a Sky Dancer.)

The value of your credit will never expire, but we reserve the right to change our package prices or affiliate rates at any given time, likely while wearing official-looking suit jackets. All we ask is that you don’t buy a package using your own affiliate link. It’s weird, and we don’t like. Deal?

Dance Parties

Verve & Vigour holds the right to encourage and/or catalyze at least one dance party during our time working together, preferably set to a chart-topping hit from the late 1990s.

© Verve & Vigour 2016.
All rights reserved. (Etc. etc.)