The Dirty Editor

“The whole experience was amazeballs and the copy was so perfect that we must be soul twins.“ Tasha Harrison | CEO & Founder 

Mod Bettie

  “Whelp. How many clients respond with, “I really don’t have any edits to give you!” No, really. You’re amazing and everything is perfectly perfect. I LOVE YOU! I stayed up way too late excited to work on the site (which is a rarity for sure).” Elise Kutt | CEO & Founder 

Bad Star Media

“Jess’s personality and professionalism shined in our interactions and made me honestly look forward to her emails! I had to fan myself when I read through the results. I loved working with her, from the quality of work to the personal touches (like the card I got in the mail)! It definitely makes me look at how I provide services to …