Step No. 1

Give me a relatively
small amount of money.

Step No. 2

I painstakingly choose every
single word of your copy.

Step No. 3

You make even more money than before.
(And adopt a panda.)

Hired (and trusted) by the folks at:

Get a quote.

Scrawl your info in the form to the left for a project-accurate quote at the speed of light—assuming the speed of light takes up to 24 hours and goes dark on weekends. Wink.

“Whatever you need to do to hire Jess, do it. Thank me later.”

-Tracy Roman-
Founder | The Spirit Renegade

Turnaround is two weeks, and all kick off dates fall on a Monday. (Faster working speeds are possible for a rush fee and some sweet talkin’.)

Availability is a wily son of a gun, so it’s best to get a quote, or send an email directly to Jess at

A bucketload of cerulean blue glitter and a chilled bottle of bubbly. Also, investments start at $222 for a single blog or email, and typical web pages (any page) are $665—just to give you a heads up.

Absolutely. You can (almost) always split any balance into two consecutive monthly payments.

Your deposit is fully refundable up until your start date. After that time, my piggy bank has made a meal of it.

Yes. I’ll need you off and on for two weeks, so postpone any galavanting trips to the cosmos. Cool?

Egads, of course! Every single project includes two rounds of revisions to make sure it’s website-ready when I pass over the final product.

Darn tootin’! My experience has shown that more personality equals more profits, and I’m ready & waiting to share the glory with you.

Jot out a note to me (Jess) at


(This way you won’t burst through my door shouting, “Lucy! You’ve got some ‘SPLAININ’ TO DO!”)

I mean, my name’s not even Lucy, you guys.

“My favorite part of working with you is that you’re friendly, efficient, and you get what I do and what I stand for. You know how to write in a way that resonates for my avatar (while staying true to my voice).”
-Rachel Shanken-
Founder | Mind Body Wise

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